St. Barts Travel Tips

If you have been to St. Barts before,
you know why you’re returning.
If this is your first visit, no island will ever compare..

  • Electricity:- 220 volts – you will need a converter and adapter
  • Snorkeling and Scuba: – Excellent! Bring certification for scuba dives.
  • Batteries and Memory Cards: – Very expensive, bring extra
  • Corkscrews: – For an island with extensive wine merchants – there are no corkscrews!
  • Dress: – Casual and pack light. No jackets are required in restaurants.
  • Shade: – None. St. Barts beaches are breathtaking, but if you are sensitive to the sun, bring your sun block. Some have been known to schlep the old patio umbrella, however there is a place where you can buy a small one.
  • Phone Calls: – Contact your cell provider & ask about their international plans.
  • Credit Cards: – Contact your credit card provider to inform them of your travel plans.
  • Currency: – US dollars accepted everywhere. If you pay be credit card, you will get the daily rate of exchange. VISA is the most widely used credit card. AMEX and MASTER CARD – no problem. There are 7 “Cash Machines” on the island.
  • Questions: – There are no silly questions. If we missed something, give us a call. (212) 228-7100 or (888) -839-0550